Salt Spring Pet Friendly Accommodations, Dog Friendly Hikes, Trails, Beaches, Parks, Services, Shops, Cafes, Restuarants, Ferries and Airlines that welcome pets and make Salt Spring Island a premier vacation destination for Pet Owners.  Dogs and Cats can stay in Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, and Hotels.  Island services for pets include:  Spas, Dog Trainers, Groomers, Walkers and Pet Sitters. Whether you want to be Captain Fido on a boat, share a ball with a friend, beach comb, have a siesta, swim, run, drive around the island, enjoy gardens, play tug of war, hang with friends, march in our Pride Parade, visit our Fall Fair, Apple Festival, Saturday Market or see your Favourite Opera at ArtSpring- Salt Spring is a place to bring your humans!  Do NOTE:  We are an island with livestock (sheep, goats, etc) and farmers can protect their livestock if your dog is chasing them, by shooting your pet, so please use this website to find the trails and beaches that are pet friendly and away from sheep farms as we want you and your pet to be safe... 

What makes us so Pet Friendly?

  • We have awesome Vets if you have an emergency or need to consult one
  • Pet water bowls sit outside some of our merchant’s doors like pet beacons
  • Your dogs can join you when you shop in some of our stores like Mouats Trading, Foxglove Farm and Garden Supply, Whiskers Pet Store and Choices Clothing Store (be sure pets are on leash as some folks are fearful of dogs) 
  • Most of our Hikes and Beaches are pet friendly and some are off leash (please clean up so they stay that way!)
  • Our Saturday market has a dog sitting service so you can enjoy the market while Fido plays
  • We have dog spas, trainers, walking groups and an agility club
  • Pets can shop for their own coats, treats and other goodies at our pet stores (the above and Country Grocer)
  • We love pets, especially dressed up at our Fall Fair and in our Pride Parade!

Salt Spring has a fabulous fenced in Dog Park!  See below for information and pictures about Paws in the Park  

Salt Spring IslandBCSPCA

Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce