Pet Friendly Salt Spring Island
Imagine beachcombing our stunning Pet Friendly Salt Spring Beaches
Salt Spring has fantastic pet friendly ocean front Beaches available to guests, residents and their pets.  Our legend below indicates on leash, off leash and no dog beach areas. We hope the list below can help you find the beach perfect for you and your pooch today!  The lake access areas have very limited beaches, are usually packed with people swimming, sunbathing and the water in these lakes are our drinking water, so for these reasons we do not list the lakes and we do not recommend you take your dog to the lake access areas for swimming.

We are a very eco-friendly island, so we ask you bring a litter/poop bag to the beach and pack out whatever you pack in or see that shouldn’t be there! Some of our beaches border on private property. We are very grateful to owners who respect this and keep their dogs off waterfront properties.   For the best Beach Access Experienc- Beware of the Tides.  If Tides are in there may be no beach when you visit!

Fulford Harbour TIDE CHART
Long Harbour TIDE CHART 

Check out the fun Salt Spring Adventure Map which will show you beach locations on Salt Spring Island

We share our beaches with folks who want to picnic, sit in the sun, meditate, make sand castles, so keeping our dogs close by and teaching good recall can avoid dogs chowing down on someone’s picnic, sand blasting a sunbather, and spraying water on a guru!

Beachcombing Guide

Dogs Allowed = Dogs can be off leash if owner can keep them on path & under control at all times
Dogs Must be Leashed = Dogs must be leashed – sensitive eco system
No Dogs Allowed = Dogs are not allowed – Bader and Vesuvius Bay Beaches do not allow dogs during summer months – June 1st to September 15th – PLEASE RESPECT this! We don’t want these beaches to become NO DOGS year round.

Thanks so much for respecting our community and we hope you enjoy our beaches!

Arbutus Beach – North Tip of the Island

Access Point: At the foot of Arbutus Road you can gain access to the shoreline. There is parking on the side of the road, just before the access point. If others are parking dogs should be on leash. There are private driveways here, so do take care your dog doesn’t run on private property.

Details: This beach is a launch area for kayakers so be sure to keep your dog away from their kayaks. There are lots of wonderful things to see and discover along this eroded sandstone, tidal pools, long flat outcrops, lace rock formations, seaweeds and sea stars. Rocks can be slippery.

 Baders Beach on Erskine Bay – North West
Access: No Dogs June 1st to September 15th – At the end of Collins Road where Maxwell and Cranberry Creeks flow into the sea is Erskine Bay and a beach called Baders Beach. There is ample parking and a boat launch.

Details: A brilliant, peaceful sunset beach. Perfect for afternoon sunbathing, picnics, walking and beachcoming. The beach is wide and expansive with delightful views of Vancouver Island. Great for long beach walks, runs and stick throwing with your doggie. The beach gives a close perspective of Vancouver Island so much so, you feel like you could just swim across, but we don’t recommend that! The area of Mt Erskine drive was developed in the 1970 by Randall Logging who’s president was Mr Cecil Robert Bader -hence the name of the beach. Arial Footage

Beachside Drive Beach – East – Long Harbour Area
Access Point: Beachside Drive is a short country road in the Long Harbour area. It has a cul de sac at the end of the road, where you can park. Watch you don’t park too close to the often wet and soft edge on the right side of the cul de sac. You will see a little bridge at the beginning of the path out to the shoreline. This can be a wet, mucky little 2 minute trail.

Details: This beach has wonderful mix of sand and small flat rocks – perfect for stone skipping and soft on dog’s feet! Locals line up their dingys/small row boats along the bank creating a real seaman’s shoreline. You can walk to the left or the right, however at the time we were last there, the beach walk to the right had a big tree lying across it.

You can bypass this through the pathway in. It is a short walk this way as you quickly come upon private docks and limited beach when the tide is in. To the left is a wonderful meandering beach weaving through little private coves – perfect spots for a picnic. When you reach a private dock the shoreline bends and becomes very rocky with boulders. This beach has a great view of the moored sailboats at Long Harbour. It has the warm morning sun and is shady and cool in the afternoon. The water is warm but not great to swim in due to all the motorized boats . It is also an area not recommended for oyster cultivation. If you want to combine this adventure with the Ontario Place beach access you can walk the neighourhood to get from one to the other. Dogs should be on leash on the roads as although this is a quiet area, there is car traffic.
 Beddis Beach – South East of Ganges
Access: Beddis beach is a 15 minute drive South East of Ganges. Take Beddis Road all the way down to the where it takes a sharp right swing up a hill (about 9km down). You can park on the road to the left called Lionel Crescent. The woodland trail in is one minute long. There is a garbage can and toilet on the pathway.

Details: Known as the best sandy shell beach on the island, Beddis is a fabulous beach for dogs as it is well protected from the road, easy on the feet and it has clean ocean water for retrieving sticks and swimming. Beddis is a spectacular Sunrise Beach. It’s a pleasant beach to picnic, stroll or beach comb – a 15 minute stroll either way. 

If the tide is out and you feel adventurous you can climb over boulder rocks around the southern corner onto another long beach with tidal pools. This land is sacred to the Cowichan people who use to come here to cultivate oysters and clams. You can see evidence of this in the midens. It is also a burial ground. You can still enjoy the lilac bushes and snow drop plants Emily Beddis planted when her family first settled by the beach. After the Beach a nice short walk around the Apple Orchard on the road is a pleasant way to dry off before hopping in the car. The orchard is private property but you can walk on the road around it. You can also add a leashed walk through Creekside Rainforest – a Salt Spring conservancy rainforest walk off Creekside Drive.

Baker Beach – Booth Bay – North West of Ganges
Access: Baker beach on Booth Bay is accessed at the end of Baker Road. There is a large parking spot between two homes. Be sure not to block driveways. Dogs should be leashed initially to ensure they do not go on private property and are safe in the parking area. A set of wooden stairs gets you down to the beach quickly. Dogs can then be off leash.

Details: The beach is flat, wide, rocky with pebbles and strewn with driftwood. Great beach for dogs to retrieve sticks, swim and run. Although, at times the rocks can be slipperly. The water is warm in the summer and the views of Mount Erskine and sunsets are magnificient. This is a popular beach for swimmers, sun bathers, clam diggers, driftwood fort makers and explorers! Be sure to keep your dog in control at all times. Follow along to the right and this beach connects with the foot of Quarry Dr. Trail. There is a loop back to Baker Road by taking Quarry Dr. Trail to the road, turn right to the end of the road and pick up a trail that takes you back to Baker Road turn right to go to the end of Baker Road to the beach.

  Burgoyne Bay Beach – South Wests

Access: There are 4 access points: 1. At the foot of Burgoyne Bay Road is a government dock. Turn left at the foot and park by the water’s edge. As you head for the dock there is a ladder down. Climb down left of the dock onto a long sandy shore. Be sure to check the tides. If the tide is in there is no beach access here. Dogs can be off leash on the beach. Best to leash them in the parking lot and to the dock area as there are boaters coming and going in vehicles and with boating equipment, etc. There is a communal doggy scoop and rake by the beach entrance. Apparently dogs coming off the boats really have to go, so they don’t make it too far past this scoop! The other three access points are off the Burgoyne Bay trails. The trail to the left of the Upper parking lot takes you along a ridge that runs the shoreline. The trail off the lower parking lot on the right takes you to a boulder beachfront and the trail off the middle of Burgoyne Bay Road through the fields come out to the far southern shoreline of the bay.

Details: A lovely shoreline with views of the sailboats in Burgoyne Bay. Great for long beach walks across mud flats and for throwing sticks and balls into the water and along the beach. The bay usually has calm waters creating a peaceful, quiet and tranquil beach to watch the sailboats from.
  Churchill -Sea Star Point Beach – East of Ganges

Access: Very close to downtown Ganges this beach is at the foot of Churchill Road off a lovely landscaped park.

Details: Spectacular view of Ganges Harbour. This lovely little beach is sandy with driftwood and rocks for dogs to climb along and explore. There is a small dock used for kayak and dingy launching. Beautifully coloured sea stars can be found along the beach at times.

  Drummond Park Beach – Southwest shore of Fulford Harbour
Access: 100 Isabella Point Road- just a short distance from the Fulford-Ganges Road – you will see the park on your left side. It has a wonderful old Driftwood Sign marking the park entrance. Lots of parking in front of the sign. Dogs are welcome and should be on lead initially due to high traffic on the road and the children’s play area. If you have good recall and your dog is child friendly, not easily startled , then off lead on the beach and in the park should be okay. This is a family park with children running and playing and it is home to a number of species of ocean birds, so dogs need to be good citizens!
Details: This 1.28 acre park is owned by the Fulford Hall Association an managed by PARC. It is a popular beach for families with a children’s adventure playground. On the sign post is a “DogiPot” litter bag dispenser and there are garbage cans in the park. There are a number of sea birds who hang out here, so be sure your dog doesn’t chase them. This is a nice sand and rock beach line to walk and beachcome. It has active tidal life and driftwood. Several picnic tables are sprinkled along the shoreline. A covered picnic area with BBQ and pit toilets are available for park users. The park is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm. A lovely view of Fulford ferry terminal and harbour. It is the location of Fulford Days held annually in August. The “Fulford Harbour Petroglyph” is a native rock carving of a seal, originally found at Fulford Harbour on the shore opposite the ferry terminal. It has found it’s home in Drummond Park.
  Fernwood Point (Dock) Beach – North East
Access: Off Walker’s Hook at Fernwood Road. Parking is limited and dogs should be leashed until you are on the beach area for their own safety. If there aren’t too many people on the dock they could also venture along it. There is a dogipot depot with bags and garbage bin right before the dock.

Details: A pleasant sandy mud flat beach particularly during low summer tides. It features a vintage red Government Wharf Dock off Walker Hook Road. To the left of the dock walk out along sandy mud flats to the sand bar. The dock faces Galiano Island. You’ll find a variety of sea life including sea stars, kelp crabs, moon-snails, clams and more.  Be watchful to not allow dogs under the dock and control them to the left and right of the dock as the only LIVE sand dollars (black ones) are on the island. Please do not cultivate them. If you walk off to the right you’ll find a rockier shore with tidal pools that are home to sea anemones, chitons, hermit crabs, rock crabs, and more.

  Grantville Street Beach – North East

Access: At the very end of Grantville Street which is off of Walkers Hook about 1km before Fernwood dock heading North. Limited parking – dogs can be off leash

Details: This shell, rock and stone beach is at the end of Grantville street. It is a small strip of beach and is a launch area with a number of small boats. At low tide this is a great spot to peruse vibrant tidal flats. A very special little place with a geological intrigue. Across the 100 meters of tidal flats is a treed island. This is Walker’s Hook – the long part of the hook of the L-shaped land rising above the high tide line. It is actually joined to Salt Spring island via a grassy ridge that forms the base of the hook. Morning is the sunniest part of the day on this beach.

  Harrison Road Beach North West

Access At the end of Harrison road there is a small parking area on the left just before a wooden Beach sign. There is a very short trail down to Booth Canal mud flats. Dogs do not need to be leashed if you have full control over your dog, but we recommend they be leashed when heading to the trail from the road.

Details: This is a short 3 minute hike down to the waterfront. Keep to the left of the trail for water access. The right turn in the trail takes you over to private property through a mucky area, especially during the months of Fall, Winter and Spring. Booth canal is usually a muddy low water line canal. There is no beach per se, just the water’s edge off the woodland trail.

  Hudson Point North East

Access: Off North Beach Road, just north of the Fernwood Dock. Watch for a sign on your right hand side heading North. Parking is limited. Dogs should be on leash until safely on the beach. Note: In the summer months leash-laws are in place on the beach as well.

Details: This is a boat launching ramp on tidal sand and mud flats. It can be quite muddy, but is a super place to let dogs run and beach comb, except during the summer months. It faces Galiano island and has a great view of the Fernwood Dock. Lots of fun seaside beach life here. It is a sensitive inter-tidal habitat and water bird feeding site, so please keep dogs under control and do not let them chase the sea birds. The birds need to conserve their energy and not use it up trying to escape dogs chasing them. Harvesting shell fish is also prohibited in this area. Thanks for helping us conserve where necessary.

Jack Foster Trail Beach East at Northend Farm

Access:Approximately 10 km northwest of Ganges at the junction or North End Road and North View Place. You have to walk down the Northend Road Farm driveway. Please respect their farm road entrance by parking across the road. Dogs must be on leash at all times as it is beside a sheep farm. Not Recommended for dogs.

Details: We don’t recommend this trail or limited beach access for dogs for a number of reasons. It is right beside Northend Farm which has sheep and other farm animals. If your dog decides to chase their animals they have the right to shoot your dog. They are wonderful people but they will protect their lifestock and have a right to. They have dogs who like to bark at your dogs while on the trail if they see them, so it doesn’t make for a pleasant walk down.

The trail is full of tree roots and is narrow along a fence line with overgrown salal. The beach is very limited with slippery rocks and getting down to it is a bit treacherous with a makeshift handrail. Hiking time is approx. 10 minutes, one way. Pleasant woodland hike alongside sheep farm (keep dogs leashed PLEASE) gets a little steep at waters edge. The view is beautiful, but you can catch it up the road at Jack Foster Trail West.
  Jack Foster Trail Beach West at Southey Point – North East

Access: On Southey Point Road just a short distance down on the right you will see the entrance to this wonderful hike down to the beach. Dogs should be leashed initially as parking is across the road. However, once you get going, if you have good reliable recall with your dog, then an off leash hike should be fine down to this beautiful beach access.

Details: A highly recommended beach with a beautiful trail in. This beach is great for dogs throwing sticks, swimming, beach combing and lying by your side waiting for picnic scraps! The trail down to the beach is easy, wide enough for dogs and humans and it meanders through a beautiful forest.

The descent to the beach is down a very sturdy set of stairs, easy for both humans and dogs to negotiate. Once down on the beach you can head North (at low tide only) toward a break water. Just before the breakwater is another trail that will take you back to North end road. You come out across the road from the first access point for Jack Foster Trail West. Hiking time is little over an hour. Gorgeous views from this quiet peaceful beach area. Fabulous spot for a picnic on a sunny afternoon. Dogs are safe and contained on the beach area as it is far away from car traffic.
  Long Harbour/ Welbury Park Beach East

Access: to the shore is beside the ferry staging area. You will see white tables by the seaside and from there is a set of stairs down. If the tide is in, there is no beach access.

If you take Scott Point Drive up the hill you will see the access point to a short hike to the shoreline on the right. There are several rocks lining the road here. It is best to park across from the entrance in front of Salt Spring Waterfront B&B. We recommend you put dogs on lead and keep them on lead until you are well on the path as this is a busy road. Dogs can be off lead if you have good recall and control over your pooch.

Details: The path quickly forks. If you walk to the right, the path will take you back to the ferry staging area. If you walk to the left, the path winds down to the shore line and a beautiful rock that sits above the small beach. This is a sweet little cove with a beautiful view. This is the south end of the 4-acre park which has a small low bank beach very  pretty. Be sure to leash dogs as you walk back towards the road as it is a busy one with limited vision at the top of the hill.
    Maliview Drive Beach North East

Access: At the end of Maliview Drive where it meets Walker’s Hook Road is a small access trail down to the beach. Dogs should be on leash down to the beach as this is a busy road area. Once on the beach, if you have good control your dog may be fine off leash.

Details: When the tide is out, this can be a lovely beach to stroll or picnic on. It is a rocky boulder beach though. The views are beautiful. It is off the same road and Fernwood Dock or Hudson Point. You can walk North if the tide is out and reach both points in a short time. There is a lot of inter-tidal life on this beach and a number of water birds use this as a feeding ground, so do keep dogs from chasing the water birds.

    Ontario Place Beach – East off Long Harbour Road

Access: Off Long Harbour Road take a left on Quebec Drive. When you reach the T intersection go Right on Quebec Drive and travel down to Ontario Place turning left to the foot of the south end of Ontario Place. Best to have dogs on lead initially as people may drive down to launch boats.

Details: There is ample room for parking as it is a boat launching spot. The beach area to the right is best for dog walking. There are homes all along the water front, so do be respectful and keep your dog off private property. There is a cool little swing on a tree on the right hand side. This is a sandy shell beach.

    Price Road Beach

Access: Off Beddis Road, take Price Road down to the shoreline. Watch for a narrow grassy path about 200 meters long between two houses (east of 281 Price Road). This takes you out to a lovely little beach.

Details: This is a very sweet little shell beach. It is quiet and at mid to low tide, you can take a pleasant beach stroll. The views are breathtaking. The shoreline is speckled with private properties so please be respectful and keep your dog on the beach only. If you don’t have good recall with your dog you may want to remain leashed all the time.

    Quarry Park Trail Beach – North West

Access: In Vesuvius, take Quarry Drive off of Stone Cutter Road (check map) to the entrance point for Quarry Park Trail (near the end of Quarry Drive). Parking is on the Right side of the road. You will see a CRD sign for the Trail and this will take you through a 10 minute trail that winds down to the beach. It has little sitting areas, some stairs and steep declines on the way down and inclines on the way up.

Details: The CRD sign indicates on leash walking through the 2 acre park. Once you are on the beach dogs are free to run, swim and play. There are lots of sticks and logs laying about for stick throwing and driftwood fort making.

This beach park is just North of Booth Bay with a beautiful view of Mount Erskine and gorgeous sunsets. The water is warm and the beach itself is rocky with boulders. If you walk to the right you can take on some adventurous boulder beach hiking. If you walk to your left along the beach (towards Mount Erskine) you will come to Baker Beach (see description above). You will know you’ve reached this beach when you see a set of sturdy wooden stairs supported by a concrete block with local graffiti on it. It’s about a 10 minute walk along the rocky pebbled beach from Quarry Park Trail Beach. If you want to loop back to Quarry Park Trail Beach via a woodland trail see: Quarry Park Trail and Baker Ridge – Quarry Drive Trail on our Hikes page.
    Ruckle Park Beach South East

Access: Several trails meander out to 5 major beach points along the whole shoreline of Ruckle Park map.

Yeo Point is the most Northern point accessible to dog walkers along the trails from the back of Beaver Point Hall (Trails #7, 5, & 3) It is 5 km up to 3 hours to hike in.

You can also access it via a much quicker hike through the Chris Hatfield Trail which is about 30 minutes in. The beach is sand and pebble.

Kings Cove is the first point you come to via the trails from the back of Beaver Point Hall (Trails # 7, 5,& 3) It is a 2-2.5 hour hike. You can also take the Chris Hatfield Trail at the end of Meyer road and hike to this cove from Yeo Point along the shoreline.

Coppermine Point is South of Kings Cove . Dog owners can hike the trails back of Beaver Point Hall (Trails 7, 5, & 3 then south toward Trail Number 2) or go through Chris Hatfield trail and walk down the shoreline from Yeo Point.

Beaver Point is on the Southern tip and although Ruckle Park has restricted dogs to the trails that start at the back of Beaver Point Hall and camping/lower day use areas only, Dogs can be on lead at Beaver Point. It can be accessed best throught the day use areas)

Bear Point is directly across from the Working farm area where dogs are not allowed so it is best to head for Yeo Point, Kings Cove or Coppermine Point instead.

Details: The Chris Hatfield Trail has an abundance of fairy doors and balanced rock sculptures along the way that community members have taken time and care to build and look after. It is best to keep dogs on leashes to avoid mishaps with sculptures or fairy doors as you walk the trail in. Once you are on the beach at Yeo Point you can enjoy the sandy rock beach and head to other points and coves south.

Ruckle Park is one the most exquisite park destinations in the Southern Gulf islands. The park is 15 km in total with 7 kilometres of shoreline with rocky headlands, peaceful coves and bays and an abundance of inter-tidal and ocean sea life. Sea lions and whales can sometimes be seen out in the ocean, while river otters and mink frolick along the beach. The tidal pools are filled with crab, mussel, limpet, sculpin, oyster, brightly coloured star fish and more. Scuba Divers brave the cold waters exploring the underwater worlds of castle-like caves and lively ocean floors filled with plumose anemones, sponges, nudibranches, octopi, sea stars and giant barnacles. Along the shoreline birdwaters will delight in sighting cormorants, grebes, guillemots, eagles, grouse and quail. Please respect their space and do not allow dogs to chase the sea birds. The park land once belonged to the Ruckle Family who donated the land to the provincial park system. An area adjacent to the park still supports the family’s working farm. The shoreline views are magnificent looking out over the Swanson Channel. It’s a lovely spot to sit and watch the working and pleasure boats and ferries pass by.

  Southey Point Rock Beach North

Access A small rock beach which can be accessed from the end of Southey Point road. There is limited parking and pets should be under control on the way down or leashed as there are private properties on either side of the beach.

Details: This little beach has exquisite views and is a very sunny spot. The variety of intertidal rocks heat up and are lovely to sit on and enjoy the oceanview.

  Stevens Road Beach South East

Access: On the Right side of Stevens road heading South and right at the junction of Monkwood, you will see a Beach Access sign for a path down to the beach. Dogs can be off lead down the path as long as you have good control of them as there are private properties on either side of the path.

Details: The path down to the beach is a 10 minute trail that can be off leash for dogs. It is a lovely green mossy path that runs along side a driveway about half way down. So do have good control over your dogs when walking down. The beach is a large boulder beach of beautiful grey rock. There are private properties on either side of the beach. It is a peaceful quiet spot for watching planes and ferries. A nice view of Swartz Bay Harbour.

  Vesuvius Bay Beach West

Access: No Dogs June 1st to September 15th – Take Langley Street on the left just before the Vesuvius ferry terminal to the end of the road. Park on the road and take the stairs down to the beach. Dogs can be off leash between September 16th and June 1st.  This is a very popular family beach and no pets are allowed on the beach during summer.  Please respect this as we risk no dogs being allowed year round if it is no respected. 

Details: A warm ocean water, sandy beach near the Vesuvius ferry terminal and very popular with families. It has a garbage pail at the top of the stairs for doggie doodo! Please pick up after your pet on the beach. Lots of logs to sit and watch the ferry go back and forth or catch a gorgeous sunset together after throwing sticks in the water, running through the sand and beach combing with your dog. The Salt Spring Annual Polar Bear swim in January is held on this beach and is great fun to watch!

   Zach Beach North West

Access: 0n Sunset Drive near 1076 Sunset Drive between Pringle Farm Road and West Eagle Drive, you will see a beach access sign. You can park on the side of the road. There is a short path down to the beach through a little hardwood forest. The steps down are gradual and easy. We recommend dogs be leashed initially as this is a busy road area.

Details: This is a pebble and sand beach perfect for dogs to run and play on. There are waterfront properties lining the beach area, so do be sure your dog respects private property. Great beach for throwing sticks and beachcoming with your furry friend.

    Zadra North West

Access: along Sunset Drive, just south of Sir Echoes Road. You will see a beach access sign. Best to park on the road and walk dogs in on leash.

Details: There is a very enjoyable 300 meter stroll to this west-facing ocean mud bay. The steps down to the beach are easy. On the walk down there is a creek running down to the beach with a little bridge over it. Nice big warm rocks to sit on while your pooch explores the shoreline. It is a rock and pebble beach in a little bay area. Very quiet and tranquilo.