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Shopping for Pets on Salt Spring Island is Super Fun!

Shopping for dog or cat food, treats, toys or coats on Salt Spring Island can be a fun and funky affair with your furry friend!  Whether it be a Tasty Treat for your Fussy Puddy Tat, a Rhinestone studded collar for your Furry Ferret, a Fluffy pillow for your Randy Rabbit, or a Fancy Frock for your Princess Pooch, our island suppliers have it all!

When shopping in our downtown Ganges area, you will notice bowls of water for dogs – outside Merchant’s doors.  Our merchants like to make sure pets and humans have an enjoyable shopping experience. You will also find stores that allow pets to shop with you like Foxglove Farm and Garden Supply,  Mouat’s Trading,  Choices Clothing Store,  Slegg Lumber and Whisker’s Pet Food Store. Be sure to have your dog on leash to avoid any conflicts with other dogs or humans who are afraid of dogs.

You may also find that shop keepers, Inn keepers, Cafe owners and even Doctors have cats or dogs who work along side of them. Again it is important to respect another animals turf by asking first before entering with your pet and keeping your pet on leash so you have full control at all times.

Whatever you may be shopping for, we do hope both you and your pet have a pawsitive and joyful shopping experience!

Foxglove Farm and Garden Supply

FOXGLOVE FARM AND GARDEN STORE ~ FROM PUGS TO PONIES, stop by our pet department for all the your pet’s needs. We carry toys, leashes, biscuits and the top pet food brands, including organic and regionally sourced varieties, plus raw foods in our freezer.  We’ve got seed for your bird feeder, bedding for your hamster and fish food for your aquarium.  And if we don’t have what you’re looking, we’ll be happy to place  a special order for you.

Monday – Saturday 9am – 5:30pm / Sundays 10am – 3pm
Foxglove Farm and Garden Supply,  104 Atkins Road, SSI
www.foxglovefarmandgarden.ca    250 537 5531

Whiskers Pet Store

WHISKERS PET STORE is the only store on the island dedicated completely to your furry and feathered friends! Come visit us for name brand products such as Acana, Orijen, Go, Now, and Taste of the Wild. We also carry Raw and Dehydrated foods. Small critters? Come see us for bedding, food and cages. Large farm animals get fed too… Just place your weekly order. Hourly Pet Sitting services for your lunch or shopping dates. Come in to find what you need for healthy, happy pets and check out our NEW dry grooming and nail clipping service – call the store for specific dates.

Joan and Brian Johnson
Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 5:30 pm Sunday 12:00 – 4:00
Whiskers Pet Store – 128 Lower Ganges Road, SSI
www.whiskerspetstore.com  250-537-1838 

Country Grocer

At COUNTRY GROCER, you’ll feel like family and so will your pet.  A large selection of food, treats, leashes and toys for your furry family member can be found in the Paws and Whiskers Department at the front of the store.  Shop for yourself too while you are there. The store has a large selection of organic and local food and you can always find great sale items too! And when you are done shopping,  you and your pooch can sit and relax on the front patio with scrumptious deli foods, cold drinks, tea and coffee.

Hours: Monday to Sunday  7 am to  10 pm
Country Grocer 374 Lower Ganges Road, SSI
www.countrygrocer.com    250-537-8684

Mouat’s Trading Co. Ltd.

MOUATS TRADING is a nostalgic old hardware shop with a wonderful selection of healthy treats, pet food (First Mate and Summit Foods with frequent buyer cards available), toys, clothing, bowls, etc.  And the bonus is your dog can shop with you and pick out his own coat! You will find the pet section in House wares on the lower level. Pet friendly staff are happy to help and answer questions.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 – 5:30 / Sunday 10:00 to 5:00
Mouat’s Home Hardware  106 Fulford-Ganges Road   www.mouatstrading.com      (250) 537 – 5551