Travelling to your pet friendly cottage or accommodation on Salt Spring island can be a long and tiring trip for you and your pet.  Exercise when you can during your travel.  On the small ferries you can walk your pets on leash throughout the car deck once all cars are loaded. Some ferry terminals have places to walk and most have poop bags. Some ferry terminals have water, picnic areas and hiking trails to help ease the ride.

Here are a few other Travel Tips:

  • The best way for pets to travel in a car is in a crate secured to the back seat. You can use seat belts or cinch lines to secure crates.
  • Never transport your pet in the back of pick up trucks or with their heads out the window. Flying debri/bugs may injure pet’s eyes
  • Always travel with a water bottle, bowl and chewies for anxious travellers.
  • NEVER leave a pet in a hot car unattend. On a hot day – a car can reach high temperatures within 10 minutes and pose a serious health treat or even death for your pet. Our pets trust us to do the right thing for them!
  • If you must leave your pet for a short time in the car, be sure to have good air flow, park under shade and leave access to water.
  • Make sure your dog has a collar with I.D.  If you get separated it can really help re unite you. Unexpected things can happen!

If you require a Vet – see our Services page.

Our float plane airlines travel to Salt Spring island across the ocean from a number of desitinations including – Vancouver and Victoria. Pets can travel with you– safe and snuggled inside their crates. When flying with any airline – be sure to ask questions about how pets are handled and where they fly in the airplane, BEFORE you fly.  Sometimes air cargo areas can be excessively cold or hot without good ventilation.

Salt Spring Island Accommodation Group

The Salt Spring Accommodation Group (SSAG) offers  Bed and Breakfasts, private cottages, cabins, suites, hotel rooms and  resorts to relax in after a day of exploring our island. Pet friendly accommodations are available and easy to find on our website. We encourage you to book early for busy times (holidays, summer months, and weekends).